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segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2007

How Can You Refuse Him Now?

There's a story old, that has often been told,
Of how our savior died, as they nailed his hands,
He cried they don't understand,
As the blood flowed from his side.

How can you refuse him now, how can you refuse him now,
How can you turn away from his side,
With tears in his eyes, on the cross there he died,
How can you refuse Jesus now.

As he hung there on the tree, he prayed for you and me,
There was no one his pain to ease,
Before he died, he faintly cried,
Father forgive them please.

Artist: Holly Williams Lyrics
Song: How Can You Refuse Him Now Lyrics

3 comentários:

Tinoca Laroca disse...

Constantemente estamos recusando Ele...
God bless you.

Fontez disse...

melodia bonita

walciley disse...

Uma das músicas mais linda que já ouvi

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